Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lakeside Fun, Fairy Homes, and Stinky Fish

After ballet class last weekend, we spent another afternoon at the beach. We brought our lunch for a picnic and then walked down to the water's edge where the girls were excited to see that the lake had completely thawed. We started at the east end by the pier, skipping stones, tossing sticks, and collecting shells.

Aelyn first noticed this and stated, "Mama, that fish isn't moving." Layla figured this guy was the reason for the fishy smell that was so potent that day.


Layla got to work on a fairy home for the "water fairies who live at the lake."

She asked me to help gather driftwood, stones, and shells for her fairy home. As we worked our way west down the water's edge, we suddenly realized we were standing amidst piles of dead fish. How gruesome! Layla asked how the fish got up on the sand where the water wasn't touching. We had a brief chat about the higher water level after the lake thaws in spring, wind, waves and tides (although, the tides on Lake Erie aren't as noticeable like that of an ocean).

With the dead fish littering most of the beach, we decided to stay back away from the water line.

Aelyn spent the better part of an hour climbing the rocks. Her adventurous spirit can certainly bring me to moments of nervousness at times, but I love witnessing her confidence and problem solving in action. This girl is agile, strong, and sure-footed.  

"Tada!! I climbed and stretched my body up, up up to the top!"

Layla was excited to find seagull feathers and added them to her fairy home...

Fairy bridge...

Completed fairy home...

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Scrumpy Daddy said...

Despite the stinky fish, that looks like a fabulous visit to the lake! Our Zach resembles Aelyn in the anxiety-inducing movements he makes sometimes . . . he has practically no fear from the natural world! And due to all his experience (!!!) he, too, is strong and sure-footed.

Almost every time I read one of your blog posts, I am reminded to try to slow down and simply spend more time *IN* the world around us, and to stop rushing to the next thing in each day. Thank you for that!

And I love the fairy house!

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